Hello(Highlights Hello)

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Hello电子版 报刊名称:Hello
英文名称:Highlights Hello
刊 期:
报刊分类:期刊杂志 文学文艺
官方网站: https://www.highlights.com/
手机版网站: 暂无
杂志介绍 我要编辑
Each Hello magazine follows a theme such as Sounds, Food or Farm Animals, that helps young children make sense of their world. Every issue is filled with colorful images, whimsical read-aloud stories, poems and simple activities that make babies giggle, laugh and learn. You'll also find word play, games and lots of silly fun.

Babies love to look at other babies, so Hello also features plenty of photos of happy faces and little ones laughing and playing. Plus, our read-aloud stories are just the right length for even the youngest ones' attention spans.

Hello is the perfect size for little hands to hold and to fit into a diaper bag or purse. It's also baby-safe, made of a tear-resistant, washable material with rounded corners and a stitched – not stapled – binding. For extra safety, Hello is mailed in an envelope that keeps it germ-free while it's on its way to your home.

You'll love watching your special little one get excited with every turn of a page. Best of all, time spent laughing, playing and reading Hello will help baby to make positive connections between reading and fun.


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